Who is The Wolf Dog Life?

Get to know our pack and hear our story!





  • Being with his new pack
  • Air conditioning vents
  • Water (including his water dish)
  • Kids



  • Big guys
  • Hot weather
  • Not being able to T-rex chomp people
  • Eating his dog food



  • Fresh air
  • Dogs (duh)
  • Murder mysteries
  • Thunderstorms
  • Sunrise
  • Jesus
  • Travel



  • Onions (don’t hate me)
  • Drama



  • Poopcicles
  • Carrying around 10 foot trees
  • Hot dog buns
  • Giving nose kisses
  • Undressing tennis balls



  • Baths
  • Bananas
  • Possible the letter “B” going by his other dislikes?

Our Story

The Wolf Dog Life was born from two passions.

1. The dream that we can all live a more adventurous lifestyle with our dogs.
2. The love (some might say obsession) of all wolf dog breeds.

I have always had a fascination with wolves and I don’t think I’m alone. As a child I’d study pictures of wolves and although I couldn’t quite understand what drew me to the animal then, I think I do now.

Wolves represent freedom. That kind of freedom that can only be found when you are left to your own devices and willpower out in the unknown. The world is limitless and expansive. I want that. I want a big world for me and my dogs.

The more I thought of it, the more important chasing the wolf inspired life became. Its really boils down to going back to our roots. For me, its giving myself the permission to wander like my very distant nomadic ancestors. To see new things and not feel trapped by one location. Pushing myself to be brave and experience the world around me as God intended.

For my dogs, it looks more like walks in the woods, socialization and engaging their mind with new scenarios. Their wolf ancestors live exciting lives. I aspire that my dogs, although hopefully never in life threatening situations like wolves can encounter, are never bored.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not about to start a fully nomadic life (yet), or set my dogs free in the Canadian wilderness. But I’ve discovered when I live purposefully, seeking freedom and adventure, it meets me where I am in my everyday life no matter where I am. This blog is my place to document our wolf dog lifestyle, as well as keep myself aligned with this vision. Hopefully you can find some inspiration through our journey. Or at the very least find some entertainment watching our crazy life.

Secondly, my interest in wolves lead to the next passion that lead us here, wolf dog breeds. Pinterst (the source of all enviable things) introduced me to the many types of breeds that have a wolfy look. Have you ever seen something for the first time and instantly known it’d change the course of your life forever? Yea, this was like that. Sounds melodramatic? For sure, but if you’ve experienced it I know you understand. There is something so awe-inspiring about wolf-ish looking dogs, domestic but still infused by the wild. It brings out those feelings of freedom and adventure that I mentioned before. Then to have that animal be a devoted pack member just makes them completely irresistible. My tangible connection to the outdoors.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about wolf dogs circulating which has lead to many of them going to under qualified homes. Its a miserable situation for human and dog alike so hopefully the details I share here will lead to a better understanding about wolf dog breeds. More education will go a long way for these types of dogs and the people who love them.

I will be sharing our personal stories, updates, successes and failures, wolf dog breed information including preparation and breeder profiles, wisconsin dog tips and more that relates to the adventure dog lifestyle and wolf dog breeds. We would be honored if you come along for the ride and please drop us a line so we can connect!

If you skimmed down to the end (haha) here is the recipe that sums up what we stand for.


The Wolf Dog Life


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