My family says they have this mission to get me to meet 400 people in the next few weeks and i’m quickly whittling that away! I went to more soccer games and my first drive in movie. They also took me to run the high school track and walk around town. Plus I went on my first kayak ride.

I love kids but men tend to scare me a little but I’m working on being braver.

I still sleep through the night and only had a few potty training mistakes during the day. But that was only because it was raining. I hate wet grass but I like to lay in puddles. My family still can’t figure out that one.

I’m just starting to like my kiddie pool since they yell at me when I flip over my indoor water dish. I’ve learned sit and am working on “down” and “stay”.

My favorite treat is chicken. Most other foods I don’t care for too much but I’ll eventually eat my dog food, raw duck egg and yogurt they keep giving me.

My new family makes me pretty tired with all they keep doing with me so I barely have any time to get into any trouble. But then they tell me I’m a good boy so I guess its ok I’m missing out on being naughty.

*Big scary guys
*Being trampled by bigger dogs when playing

* Air conditioning vents
* Big squeaky balls
* Sitting in my indoor plant pots & hopping into the outdoor raised garden beds
* Sitting in the fridge whenever we open the door