This week I was really tired. I slept a lot and my people say that I might be growing. I’m trying to get as big as uncle Spetsna as fast as I can so I can wrestle with him better. He plays with me a bit now. And he will let me lay down next to him as long as I don’t touch him.

In between sleeping I managed to go explore two new lake areas with my pack. We went out kayaking again but I slept for the whole trip, oops. My favorite part of our adventures has been eating moss and finding new sticks in the woods.

People laugh at the way I sit so I keep trying new ways but then they just laugh more. I think I’ll give up on trying to figure out this sitting thing.

I tried agility for the first time! Uncle Spetsna showed me the ropes and I caught on really quick. I remembered the tunnel from my puppy days when my breeder had me run through it lots.

I’m still a pretty picky eater. I only like veggies and people meat. Not sure why they keep giving me this pellet dog food junk.

I went to the vet for the second time and was much braver this time but still wish they would stop taking me there since I always get poked. But I get lots of pets and compliments so I guess that’s something.

Im very amazing at gardening. In one afternoon I was able to chew down a couple of plants that were really pokey. You are welcome humans (note from the human: they were raspberries in the raspberry patch. Oh Dreki)

* any temp above 70
* the vet
* photoshoots (lol)

* tug of war
* car trips
* food dispenser toys
* digging holes to sleep in
* eating raspberry plants
* agility course