I am the ideal puppy! At least that’s what people tell me. I am very calm (for a puppy), I don’t bite (much), I love my crate, I will go anywhere and do anything as long as my family is along, and I always go potty outside (finally).

I am not afraid of strangers anymore and will even let guys pet me after I sniff them for a second. I love other dogs and am always up for playing. And I like learning new commands but I get bored easily because they are all so easy. I am really good at my sit, down, stay, place and my come sit so hopefully we can learn some cool stuff soon.

My family is almost always with my so I hardly spend anytime home alone but they are busy with work from home and projects so I help when I can but we haven’t had much time for adventures. They tell me there are lots of adventure coming as soon as summer is done though!

I have yet to destroy anything except a book cover (it looks weird anyway) and one sock. I try to always have at least one sock near by because I love them so much.

Uncle Spetsna plays with me all the time now! I think he kinda likes me, he at least likes to wrestle with me and pull me by the scruff of my neck – which I have a lot of. Our favorite game right now is to play tug of war with our kong balls (we do have tug of war toys but apparently the ball is the toy of choice, lol).

Another favorite game is chasing my humans kids around the yard. Im faster than they are now so I can beat them!

* Sunshine
* Learning to swim (but I still love water)
* Being alone

* Fetch
* Chase
* All meat!
* Chasing birds