9 weeks old (almost) – 17 pounds

Hi I’m Dreki! My name means Dragon in Norse and it suits me because I am pretty epic. My new family always wanted a pet dragon so here I am!


Being left alone
That Uncle Spetsna won’t play chase and wrestle (yet)


Sleeping in my water dish
T-Rex style chomping on legs
My human brothers soccer games (so many balls!)

I’m a little supa star and sleep through the night without crying. They still get up to let me out 2 times a night but I’m a good little sleeper. They make me play a lot during the day and it’s exhausting. I had my first Kong yesterday and loved it. I also love playing with cold carrots – I throw them in the air and kill them.

I try really hard to get Uncle Spetsna to play but he just sits there and looks at me. He is very nice and even brings me his balls but doesn’t like to snuggle with me yet. I learned how to play fetch in a few minutes by watching Uncle Spetsna play. I think he’ll teach me a lot of good things.

Ive only had a partial “accident” in the house the whole time I’ve been here. They tell me good boy when I go outside so I keep doing that.

I miss my brothers and sisters because I could bite them but my new family is pretty good too. My human brothers really like to play outside and run so I chase them. I think I fit in here pretty perfectly.

first selfie!

first kids soccer game!

first trip to cabelas!

sleeping with the beloved water dish.