I know its a very real possibility that I over planned what to bring when picking up our new Tamaskan puppy Dreki. Like really over planned. #sorrynotsorry

But when you are dieing to bring that fuzz ball home and it is still weeks away what else is there to do but plan? So you see I had no choice if I wanted to keep my sanity and hopefully that will explain some of the over preparedness you will see in the following pictures.

For the “fun” bin we packed:

Healthy treats – TJ-Max has the best selection of healthy and afforable dog treats. Who knew right?
Rope Toy
Kylo Ren – no explanation necessary
Chew Toy
Petco Cookie
First Bandana – Mt Oakley Threads
Kong Balls
Walking harness
Pig Ear
Water dish

For the “prep” stuff we packed:

Paper Towels
Puppy Pads
Natural Pet Stain Remover
Lavender Oil – DO NOT use if you have no studied aromatherapy. I brought this as a just in case all else fails back up. Lavender oil is safe for dogs but only in very diluted and specific applications. Puppies should only be exposed to hydrosals but I didn’t have any on hand so this was a back up.
CBD Oil – Pet ReLeaf brand. I didn’t use this either but wanted to have it in case he was very car sick
Aconite – DO NOT use if you haven’t studied Homeopathic medicine. This was another “last resort” thing I wanted to have on hand if he was extremely car stick.
Ginger snaps – (not pictured) This is a widely used car sick remedy that people swear by. Thankfully we didn’t need to try to because he did not like them. But they came in handy as a road trip snack 😉

So what did we actually use?

On the 10 hour road trip home we ended up only using these things:

Kylo Ren (no surprise there)
Smoked pig ear
Walking harness
Water dish

Yup, that is it. That is literally all we used. I am still glad I packed a lot just for the peace of mind but we really only needed a few things.

Note: Our breeder (Stoney Creek Tamaskan) included a plush dog toy with Dreki’s mothers sent on it. We did have that near him the whole trip. If your breeder doesn’t supply one, just bring a t-shirt or soft toy and rub it on the mother (with the breeders permission) so they have a sent from home to comfort them as they leave.

Biggest surprises?

One would be not using the crate. We were fully prepared to have him in it the whole trip, for his safety and comfort, but I am seriously glad we didn’t. He spent most of his time on the floor of the passenger seat by my feet. Like most people will tell you, the vibration of the car is soothing as is the small dark space. Even though most of his time was down there sleeping, it really created a strong bond for us. It was amazing to see his trust in my build with each passing hour. I am SO glad we didnt crate him.

Another one was not needing the stuff for “accidents”. He didn’t have a single accident the whole ride home!

Lastly, the car sick thing. As you can see I kinda expected him to be car sick, I just wasn’t sure to what degree he’d be sick. Most Tamaskan’s are car sick when they are puppies and then they grow out of it as they get older. Answered prayer: he wasn’t sick AT ALL! Not even drooling. We kept his stomach empty the whole trip which might have helped but he still travels perfectly and I am forever grateful for that!